Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Memphis Escape Room

Tonight we went to the Memphis Escape Room. Our Rehab manager treated us to go to an escape  room after work. I have seen people on facebook post about going, but I have never been. We had to be split into 2 separate groups with 8 in one group and 6 in the other. My group was the Mayflower group. We went in and watched a video of how it all works and then we were taken to our room. When the door shuts, the time starts, and you have an hour to escape. When we got to the room and the door shut, I was expecting a clue or someone to come on and say something, but nope, you just start searching for things, clues, keys for the locks etc. As the time clicks down, we got clues to help us as we got stuck in multiple different occasions. As we went along, I became the clue reader as it came on the screen. :) As the others worked on locks and clues etc, I stepped back and read the clues...hahaha. Needless to say, WE ESCAPED!!! With 56 seconds left, boy were we nervous as the clock ticked down! I am so proud of all of us to come together and get out! I will definitely do this again back at home with family and friends! It was amazing!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018

Friday I wore green and we celebrated St. Patrick's day at work with the patients. They all got something green to wear and had green punch and cupcakes!

Saturday I met a friend from work at TJ Mulligans, which is an irish bar just across the street from my apartment. They had live music and I was able to get my green beer! Afterwards, we went to Electric Cowboy and did a little country dancing. I noticed that here in Memphis, they do line dances to every song and very few people 2 step to country music. Very interesting! I had a great time!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Memphis Music Bus Tour 3/10/18

Saturday I went on a Memphis music bus tour. There is a guy that sings on the bus as he gives us history about Memphis and the music scene. We all got little shakers to play while he sang. It was fun!

Here is the singer that was on the bus, he has cd's out and is on a billboard in Memphis too. Thought that was pretty cool.

We went past Sun Studio where many artists like Johnny Cash were signed.

We went past where Elvis Presley grew up. Below is the sign that explains everything and then the bottom two windows there, the one to the left was the living room and the one to the right was Elvis' room. Below his room was the laundry room where his parents would tell him to go play his guitar when they got tired of hearing him play.

Below is the Lorraine Motel where many blues and soul singers would get together and sing by the pool, where they came up with a lot of their hit songs.

Below is the Sam Phillips Recording studio and out back there you can see his nephew drinking some coffee and taking a smoke break. And then a picture of Stax Record Co. which was located in what they call Soulsville.

Here is the Levitt Shell. This was Elvis' first public appearance. He was the opening act for a yodeling group. All the fans were dressed in their straw hats and overalls and Elvis was very nervous. He came out and sang 2 of his songs. Due to the lights in his eyes and the echoing from the shell, he thought the crowd was booing him so he left the stage, when in fact the women were crying and screaming for him.

Below is where they filmed some of the scenes in the Johnny Cash movie

After the tour, I went down Beale street and ate at the Blues City Cafe and had their ribs. The beans were good with a little spice to them, and the ribs were good too.


Friday, March 2, 2018

New Car 3/2/18

Well I had my old car for 8 years and just recently started having some issues with it. My brakes started giving me issues and to make a long story short, when I got home from El Paso, I went and got a new car! It was nice to not have car payments on my other car, but it was time for a new one, especially with as much traveling and driving that I do. I fell in love with this car when I laid eyes on it and I still can't believe it is mine! Thanks to my mom and dad for helping me out with the whole process! It is a Rogue Sport SV 2017

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cattleman's Steakhouse 2/17/18

One of the things I had to do before leaving El Paso was to eat at Cattleman's Steakhouse! So a few people from work agreed to go with me! We went on the hay ride and they took us on a little tour and gave some history and then we came back and our table was ready! While eating, I had to take pictures of the birds outside the window that were so pretty and they were just walking around outside the restaurant. The steak was good and I also got a dessert to go, a chocolate cake, which was delicious!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Getaway to Kona

 Erin and I don't have the same work schedule, I work M-F and she works Sun-Thurs, so we only have one day on the weekend to go explore. We decided to ask to switch schedules to be on the same schedule one week so we could go to Kona for a long weekend and our wonderful boss let us! So this weekend we had Friday through Sunday off to go explore and relax! Erin's dad's friend let us stay with him in Kona, which was very generous of him, so we wouldn't have to pay for a hotel. We drove down Friday morning and went kayaking at Captain Cook. We didn't take any pictures while we were out on the kayak due to fears of dropping our phone in the water. Once we got to Captain Cook cove, I got out and snorkled which was a blast! We got to see some dolphins swim less than 100 feet away from us in the kayak. It was hard work to get from point A to point B, but we did it and got a good tan doing it! :) Then we went to eat in Kona and shop. The picture of the stairs was going up to the restaurant and we thought it was cool.
Saturday we got up and went to the private beach of Mauna Lani resorts. We had a cabana to sit under and then we would lay out until we were too hot and then got in the ocean. The water was so beautiful and it was a relaxing morning. That afternoon we went shopping some more and then Peter, the guy we stayed with, took us out to dinner at Tommy Bahamas and after dinner drinks at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse before going home.
Sunday we got up and headed back to Hilo. The weekend was a great getaway!

Hurricane Iselle

 As you all know we had a threat of 2 hurricanes coming towards the big island a few weeks ago. Erin and I, and the town of Hilo really didn't start worrying about it until a couple days before it was going to hit. We had to work on Thursday, the day it was suppose to hit and we pulled up a picture of what it looked like on the map and that is when we really started to be concerned. Wednesday night we went shopping to get some supplies in case the electricity went out or if we were without water. We filled buckets and trashcans and bathtubs with water. Thursday we worked till 330 and then came home to wait out the storm. It started raining some around 9pm but nothing out of the ordinary for Hilo. It rains everyday here! So we went to bed and during the night we heard some strong winds but nothing too bad. We got up and it was raining a little bit but the wind was pretty much died back down at that time. We were lucky to not get hit like we thought we would. Just south of us, about 30 miles away, trees were down, electricity out and without water. The electricity was out for a couple of weeks before getting turned back on and there are still places that don't have it. Well we were well prepared but thank God nothing happened where we were! Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts sent our way!