Saturday, April 28, 2018

Granbury Wine Walk

Since moving to Granbury at the beginning of April, I have been loving living at the lake house! When driving through the square, I saw there was a wine walk at the end of the month. I called mom and told her we were going! We bought our tickets online and then when we checked in, we got a wine glass and 15 wine tasting tickets to use at the booths. They had music, shopping, food and wine! It was a beautiful day outside and we had a great time! We even ran into people mom works with at the Rangers. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rangers Opening Day 2018

Rangers Opening Day is a family tradition. I haven't been able to make it for 2 or 3 years due to being out of state for work, but this year I made it! It is always my favorite time of year and I have a blast! This year we got a great spot to tailgate with a lot of grass where we set up all of our food, drinks, chairs, and boards for bags. The weather was perfect and once again I had a great time! I can't wait for next year!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Memphis Zoo 3/25/18

Today I went to the Memphis Zoo! I heard they had Pandas so I had to go check it out. I saw lots of animals and really enjoyed it! 


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Memphis Escape Room

Tonight we went to the Memphis Escape Room. Our Rehab manager treated us to go to an escape  room after work. I have seen people on facebook post about going, but I have never been. We had to be split into 2 separate groups with 8 in one group and 6 in the other. My group was the Mayflower group. We went in and watched a video of how it all works and then we were taken to our room. When the door shuts, the time starts, and you have an hour to escape. When we got to the room and the door shut, I was expecting a clue or someone to come on and say something, but nope, you just start searching for things, clues, keys for the locks etc. As the time clicks down, we got clues to help us as we got stuck in multiple different occasions. As we went along, I became the clue reader as it came on the screen. :) As the others worked on locks and clues etc, I stepped back and read the clues...hahaha. Needless to say, WE ESCAPED!!! With 56 seconds left, boy were we nervous as the clock ticked down! I am so proud of all of us to come together and get out! I will definitely do this again back at home with family and friends! It was amazing!